Heart Disease - Know about Heart Health

In an attempt to increase awareness regarding good health and well being, World Health organization (WHO) celebrates 7th of April every year as ‘ World Health Day’. Talking about a healthy body, heart forms a very important organ in our body which needs a particular mention in this regard. Earlier heart disease used to occur at an older age , however the recent trends have been alarming with a shift towards a younger age group.
Thus it is now recommended that people above the age of 40 years should pay special attention to their heart. Diabetic and hypertensive patients should be more careful as they have higher chances of development of heart disease. Chest pain on walking, breathlessness, palpitation, dizziness and loss of consciousness can be signs and symptoms of underlying heart disease. People with diabetes can present with heart attack even without any chest pain.
Though heart disease is a serious medical disorder it can still be prevented with minor adjustments in lifestyle, after all prevention is always better than cure. To start with, one should absolutely quit smoking. Intake of alcohol should be kept to minimum. If you are overweight, try to reduce weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Walking for at least 30 minutes per day is desirable. Avoid using vehicles for short distances. Eat food that is rich in fibres and low in fat and oil. Olive oil is a good option. Hypertensive patients should reduce their salt intake and diabetic patients should keep their sugar level within control. Most importantly, at the onset of early signs and symptoms of heart attack like chest pain, excess sweating or breathlessness consult a good cardiologist immediately. Remember if attended in time, treatment of heart attack is possible and is important for you and your loved one’s life.

By Dr.Amit Bhauwala , MD,DM (Cardiology)
Consultant Cardiologist
Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre


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